Tote Bags

Promotional Tote bags have seen great times lately with the price of these bags coming down in price significantly within the last few years. Standard bag sizes for the range include sizes from 350mm to 400mm. Gussets are also available in different options to including sizes from 3.5-4.5 cm. Boost Promotional products standard range include many color ranges and styles within each range. Handle sizes also vary with the longer handles recommended for males and the shorter handles used by women. Being one of the best low cost items you can purchase as far as promotional products goes makes these bags very popular and usable. We have received a lot of feed back about the quality of tote bags that we sell and our clients tell us that they are some of the best quality on the market. Don’t forget we specialize in bulk discount, so if you have an order of over 500 bags give us a call and we will guarantee you the best possible price. Our huge buying power gives us the ability to pass on the savings directly to you. Boost your next promotional campaign or conference today with Boost.

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